Personal is political : an intimate approach to decoloniality

Annual seminar « After Empire : melancholia or convivial culture » at ERG -School of Graphic Research- (Brussels). Invited by Peggy Pierrot.

“After exploring the intimate dimension of my work, while comparing it with that of several other Afro-descendant visual artists, I will invite students to propose a visual narrative of their personal and intimate relationship to Belgian colonial history. Whether you are descendants of colonizers or colonized people, both or simply passing through Belgian lands, your daily life is marked by the materiality of colonization.

You will therefore be invited to use your family archives, to explore the city, to revisit your cultural references, your textbooks, anything that may allow you to offer me your decolonial graphic, artistic and visual vision/narration/exploration. of the city of Brussels, Belgian history, Belgian media and political discourse, Belgian cultural productions or your personal history, in connection with Belgium. »

Participation in this workshop requires reading these instructions and bringing documents that will serve as the basis for the workshop work. 15 attendees.