Speak Up : documentary as a tool to reclaim the narrative 

Speak Up: Documentary Film-making as a Tool to Reclaim the Narrative, A.P.E.X Events, Southern Utah University (États-Unis).

Amandine Gay is a Montreal-based Afrofeminist filmmaker, activist, and journalist. Following her graduation from the Institute of Political Science in Lyon with a masters in communication, Amandine Gay joined the Conservatory of Dramatic Art in Paris 16 and began performing in theatre, film and television. Since 2012, Amandine has been working as a screenwriter, making her directorial debut with her documentary, Speak Up/Make Your Way, a feature-length Afrofeminist documentary on European Black francophone women. She is also a contributor to the information website, Slate.fr. Most recently, Amandine authored the preface of the first French translation of bell hooks’ seminal, Ain’t I A Woman. Amandine is currently living in Montreal, completing her second master’s degree in sociology, focusing on transracial adoption. You can follow her in French and English as @OrpheoNegra