Perspectives on donors anonymity and closed record adoptions

A discussion on kinship that gives voice to people born under secrecy and to those resulting from donor conception.

Adoptee Awareness Month intends to offer a space to rethink kinship, the right to origins and everyone’s right to have a family. This discussion, moderated by Amandine Gay, will shed new light on the recent French debates on the opening of assisted reproduction to single women and lesbian couples. We will explore the echoes, similarities and dissonances between the experience of adopted people and people resulting from donor conception, now adults, in the company of activists and/or lesbian mothers who have used assisted reproduction.

Guests :

  • Alice Coffin, journalist specializing in cultural and media representations of LGBT minorities
  • Pauline Pachot, press officer for the PMAnonyme
  • Cécile Broqua, journalist specializing in contemporary creation