Masterclass « Adoptees: voices and images to rethink the family »

INA Monday, National Audiovisual Institute/François Mitterrand Library, Paris (France).

Session led by Amandine Gay and translated into French sign language. With the financial support of the Université Paris Lumières.

In her latest film A story of One’s Own, Amandine Gay deals with international adoption, anchored in North-South and class relations, and restores the point of view of adopted people.

In her perspective, reproductive justice requires considering unequal access in reproductive, contraceptive, abortive and sterilization techniques as well as foster care and adoption as the result of systemic inequalities. She thus locates adoption, parenthood and children’s rights as a vital site for class, feminist and anti-racist struggles.

The evening organized by INA will highlight the emergence of adoptees’ voices in the audiovisual public space over the past 50 years, based on an Afro-feminist and materialist rereading of archives and ” making a family” in the 21st century. »