Camera Roll with Amandine Gay

Camera Roll is an interview series where we glimpse into the current moment via the mundane and the ordinary — the life documented and forgotten, lived through our phones and beyond.

You might not be able to spot filmmaker Amandine Gay — when she’s working, she spends her days at her desk, and she’s often working. She is the creative force behind Speak Up, a documentary that highlights the stories of Black Francophone women, and A Story of One’s Own, an archival documentary about transracial and transnational adoption. She’s also written a book and is at work on another, she’s a frequent speaker on filmmaking, feminism, and adoption, and she has her own production company. But she might spot you when she’s taking a well-deserved break people-watching in Montreal’s cafés. We spoke to Amandine about developing an Afro-feminist aesthetic, sleeping in on the weekends, and getting a hysterectomy.