Allyship: from tokenism to activism

March 18, The allyship workshops (one in English and one in French) were proposed as a way to complement/challenge the approach that focuses on racial profiling. These workshops aim to create an inviting and safe space for sharing and learning, enabling participants to unpack their privileges and enhance their ability to act as ethical allies. The workshops will be facilitated by Zeina Ismail Allouche and Safia Boufalaas.

12:00pm-2:45pm (English workshop), Catherine Richardson, Kimura Byol Nathalie Lemoine, Lisa Ndejuru, facilitated by Zeina Ismail-Allouche and Safia Boufalaas

You can find more info and how to register:

MARCH 18TH 2024, 12:00 pm – 2:45 pm (English), 15:15 – 18:00 (français)