13e combat contre la langue de bois

Benefit event for the company Les Filles électriques.

Over the course of the evening, a dozen courageous personalities will take to the stage to talk about a subject of their choice, from the intimate to the political. They’ll be invited to combat their own “langue de bois” and say what they really think. The rules are simple: speak for 5 minutes, no right of reply, no apologies afterwards. Between speeches, a house band will provide the transitions and keep the atmosphere electric, with the help of our irreverent host. The aim is to let different points of view be heard, and to confront our values and ideas. That’s what makes Combat contre la langue de bois a unique, daring and festive event. The $100 VIP support ticket entitles you to a reserved seat on the floor and a $75 charitable receipt.

Doors 6:00 pm / Show 7:00 pm
Artistic direction : D. Kimm Host: Stéphane Crête House band: Jean Derome, Pierre Tanguay, Hugo Blouin
Combatants : Christian Bégin, Alan Côté, Amandine Gay, Marcel Jean, Natasha Kanapé Fontaine, Chantal Lamarre, Jean-François Parenteau, Michel Rivard, Marc Séguin, Martine St-Victor.

APRIL 8TH 2024
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