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  • Project Resonance Strasbourg

    Project Resonance Strasbourg

    Gutenberg Bookstore Strasbourg Do we have to look the same to translate? Are the affinities between translators sufficient for inclusive language practice? So many questions which will animate this meeting placed under the sign of language, a moving matter in constant evolution, and the issues of diversity in the editorial landscape. As part of the…

  • Fantastic afro-feminisms

    Fantastic afro-feminisms

    Long-time collaborators Rébecca Chaillon and Amandine Gay, who both adopt an Afro-feminist, queer approach in their work, discuss what kind of tools, actions, and care are needed to find other ways of being, living, and creating. Generous helpings of coffee, croissants, and thrilling futures will be served. FREE CreditsWith Rébecca Chaillon + Amandine GayModerator Marilou…

  • NewImages Festival juror

    NewImages Festival juror

    As the 7th edition of NewImages Festival approaches, we are honored to introduce the exceptional jury responsible for evaluating the works in the XR Competition. Amandine Gay is a director, producer, author and activist who perfectly illustrates the power of storytelling as a tool for emancipation. Shari Frilot : Sundance Film Festival figurehead Shari Frilot…

  • 13e combat contre la langue de bois

    13e combat contre la langue de bois

    Benefit event for the company Les Filles électriques. Over the course of the evening, a dozen courageous personalities will take to the stage to talk about a subject of their choice, from the intimate to the political. They’ll be invited to combat their own “langue de bois” and say what they really think. The rules…

  • The meaning of adopting

    The meaning of adopting

    Quai Branly’s popular University brings together scholars, artists and citizens who engage in conversations on current pressing issues. Amandine Gay, filmmaker, producer, author Marika Moisseeff, ethnologue and psychiatrist, CNRSModeration, Anne-Christine Taylor The conference is also live on YouTube. * Duration:  1hr30* Site:   Théâtre Claude Lévi-Strauss* Time: 6:30PM to 8PM* Public: open to all* Free APRIL 3RD 2024

  • Allyship: from tokenism to activism

    Allyship: from tokenism to activism

    March 18, The allyship workshops (one in English and one in French) were proposed as a way to complement/challenge the approach that focuses on racial profiling. These workshops aim to create an inviting and safe space for sharing and learning, enabling participants to unpack their privileges and enhance their ability to act as ethical allies. The…

  • Camera Roll with Amandine Gay

    Camera Roll with Amandine Gay

    Camera Roll is an interview series where we glimpse into the current moment via the mundane and the ordinary — the life documented and forgotten, lived through our phones and beyond. You might not be able to spot filmmaker Amandine Gay — when she’s working, she spends her days at her desk, and she’s often…

  • MGMT


    One of my 2023 resolutions was to move forward in my professionalization by learning how to ask for help and delegate. After publishing and film/TV, I’ve found a way to spread my speaking/hosting wings with #mofatmanagement!!! I am now well surrounded in all my areas of expertise, which allows me to devote as much of…

  • Black Adoptees Identities – Episode 11 – Amandine Gay

    Black Adoptees Identities – Episode 11 – Amandine Gay

    Christelle Pellecuer is in conversation with Amandine Gay, filmmaker-producer, writer-scholar, afrofeminist activist and transracial adoptee who grew up in France and now living in Canada. They discussed Amandine’s adoption story and how she navigated her identity. Amandine shared about her creative work (Speak Up, Story of One’s Own, Chocolate Doll)and the importance of resting and…

  • Cabaret féministe pas gentil du tout II // SOLD OUT

    Cabaret féministe pas gentil du tout II // SOLD OUT

    This year, October 16th will not only be my birthday but it will also mark my return to the stage as I will have the pleasure of presenting a short performance (5 to 7 minutes) as part of the “Feminist Cabaret not nice at all II” initiated by artist D.Kimm during their “Phenomena” festival. Art…